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As RS CTA Food Textile Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd (“Nocturne” and/or “Company”), we give great importance the providing of data security and process you our customers, members, visitors’ personal datas (from now on briefly, will be referred as ‘’Relevant person(s)’’ in accordance with Data Protection Law (Law) of the law no.6698. In this context, within the limits of the law, we take necessary technical and administrative precautions to protect and process all kinds of personal datas that belong to real persons legally concerned with Nocturne. The personal datas are processed according to law and relevant legislations within the framework of the situations stated below. Under the law, the real person whose personal data are processed, by viewing clarification text, what the personal datas collected by Nocturne in the capacity of data supervisor are, the purpose of process, the persons to be transferred,for the reason of the method of collecting and legal your rights regarding personal datas in question can be abotined information by you.

Personal Datas Processed by Nocturne

The informations such as Name, Surname, email, post address (home and/or workplace), phone and fax number, moblie phone number, birth date, ID number, gender informations, passport number, bank account informations, bank no, marital status, shopping history and payment method, marketing and contact informations, locations data, viewed products, shopping subject, amount informations, regarding your shopping unrealized and/or realized by you.

The Security and Privacy of Personal Data

We care the security of personal datas and take all kinds of technical, physical and organizational precautions. Nocturne by means of making contract, E-commerce which is providing services the software, installation, feeding, maintenance of our website According to the importanceof  information and process necessary precautions for the security of processes (site visit, membership and shopping processes) the relevant persons’ve done on our website (‘’Our Website’’) and The institution that by or RND Software and E-Commerce Inc. (“RND”) and/or RND has an agreement which is responsible for the administration and operation all e-commerce activities conducted by this system and collect and process personal datas directly via our website in the capacity of data supervisior and also by means of giving consignment service to relevant persons on systems and in the internet substructure, within the technological possibilties and cost factors, taken with suitable technic and administrative methods.

RND use the secure socket layer ‘’SSL’’ technology to be transferred personal datas. The informations with this technology are encoded between your computer and RDN servers before transferring. However, although RDN perform SSL technology, for some reasons (including email communications), we can not give guarantee the privacy for all kinds of message which is coming to website and is sending from these. We protect personal datas from the unauthorized access datas by storing on website servers and using reasonable method and procedure controls.


Likewise, although RND use physical and executive procedures to protect personal datas, we can not give a complete security guarantee against those who may desire to bypass security precautions or interfere transmittions.

The credit cards informations can not be viewed and saved by Nocturne. The all credit cards processes and confirmations are realized online by relevant Bank and Card institutions between you, independently of Nocturne when using our website.


If you are our website’s customer as relevant person, the informations used with the purpose of purchasing and updating information product/services, the confidential informations which are belong your bank card or credit cards can not be seen by other users.

The Process Method and  Purposes of Personal Datas

The taking necessary administrative and  technic precautions to be protected the relevant persons’ personal datas’ privacy and with all legal principles regarding the process of personal datas according to the process of personal datas and Security of Data Policy, as Nocturne, Express consent on condition that keep secret in the situations that no need express consent in the capacity of data supervisor (i) our call centers, written communication channels, social media pages, mobile contact channels, in-store communications channels and/or but not limited to these, all kinds of channel and via (ii) RND, your personal and/or special eligible personal datas can be acquired, saved, reserved, stored, changed, updated partly or completely, controlled periodically, readjusted, classified, preserved until the period foreseen in relevant law, with the business partners, suppliers that Nocturne interoperate in the event of actual requirements which is connected to legal or service, or with its state institutions and organizations that it is legally obliged and/or in Turkey or Abroad regarding resident 3.person real person/juristic persons can be shared or transferred in the event of actual requirements depend on legal or service.

As Nocturne, in the capacity of data supervisor, within the frame of legal obligations resulted from legislation; (i) that you can benefit from Nocturne’s service, (ii) manage your orders and return process, (iii) with the purpose of informing the customer regarding process and applications, store card, credit card and memebership with various introduction, advertisement, promotion, sales and marketing activities, (iv) record your suggestions and complaints, provide better service standards for you, and (v) The detection and Implementation of Nocturne Trade and Business strategies, (vi) with the purpose of preventing the abusing or misusage of our service, with oral, written or electronic methods collect and process them.

In the processing of your personal datas; (i) the suatibility to law and honesty rules, (ii) correct and updated when required, (iii) the processing with the specific, clear and legitimate purposes, (iv) being limited, connected, measured for the purposes for which they are processed, (v) we conform to the preservation principles to the period which is foreseen in relevant legislation or the period that needed for the purposes for which they are processed. It shouldn’t be forgotten that all kinds of information collected about you is collected in the required level and is used in the required rate.

Besides if you want to get information in detail regarding administrative and technical precautions that we’ve taken about the usage of your personal datas and data security, you can claim by sending email to our email address mentioned our The Processing of Personl Datas and Data Security below.


Nocturne believe that the express consent which will be received is one of the most important privacy principles. You have a right not to give your personal datas to us and/or RND which is our business partners, our other business partners. However, in this case, it will not be possible to join to some parts of our website. Thanks to mechanism ‘’opt-in’’ offered to you, unless you dont click on the sign box that presented in registration page and represent your express consent and with the purpose of the distribution of email and check in, you can not receive any contact or a prospective service from us. Before start offering service requested from us to you for specific contacts and services, the express consent is confirmed. If you terminate the services and contacts offered by us; you can do it by changing your choice that you specified on our website or in the event of sending email to us, you can click on the link for subscription cancellation in each email for that specific service or distribution and/or you can text to the number stated in short text which was sent to you.


As Nocturne, in the point that we received the personal datas from individuals directly, we inform these persons regarding the purpose of collected datas, the duration of usage, if any, we also inform regarding options and tools and offer options to individuals regarding the restriction of their disclosure and the usages of personal informations. Our notices are made clearly and explicably when requested the information from individuals. Nocturne don’t misuse, share and disclose these informations for another purpose out of purpose which was notified when they collected first time.




The Transfer of Personal Data

As Nocturne, the personal datas in question only; referring to your express consent and in the frame of privacy and security principles stated in lawon condition that taking precautions enough and taking necessary security precautions in law and domestic; (i) to our group companies, (ii) can be transferred to the domestic and abroad, institutions which are being program partner, other resident 3.persons, the real/legal persons that we received service, our business partners, suppliers that we go through the contractual relationship, for us to implement our obligations stated within the scope of law in abroad and domestic, (iii) we can share with audit companies or state institution and organizations which are authorized to claim these datas as per legal obligation, but not limited to these, other authorities.


The cookies are information signs which are sent to your browser via web site and these only are used when logged in. They send cookies that involves a special descriptive to your web browser for you to understand the usage of our website better, thus we can understand that what fields of our website the users prefer to us (ex: according to the number of visitors enter to these fields). Although the cookies in general dont involves personal datas, in the event of there are informations thst you explained about you to us may be associated with with them.

The cookies pleaced by us can be used by only RND; Nocturne and RND can not reach to other side’s cookies and read these. Besides, RND cookies can be used to follow the tendency of traffic and roaming in website collectively. These collective and anonymous informations enable RND to develop our website’s content and maybe can be shared with partners or other third parties.

If you are a registered user on our website (in other words ‘Member’), RND can send the cookies that involves your descriptives and concealed by your browser when logged in. This kind of cookie is used to identify you and it help you to reach to special fields which specific to registered users such as viewing and managing your account.

If you only take a look, you dont have to accept the cookies coming from our website. But if you decide to sign up and reach to special fields of our website and if you adjust the cookies not to accept the cookies, you need to readjust your browser to accept the cookies sent by RND for the service offered to you not to interrrupt.

Pixel Tags

‘’Pixel Tags’’ can be used with site cookies in order to measure activeness and/or traffic on our website. A pixel tag is a kind of website graphic and because it is 1x1 sized can not be seen in general. These tags follow the number of users visiting our website and monitor their websurf on our website. For example, RND can use this tag when it want to count statistically what pages that the relevant persons using our website are visiting.

The pixel tags technology can not be used to receive any personal data.

Sometimes we put our email messages in the format of HTML(or sent on behalf of us) that we sent pixel tags for the determination whether make an action or not and which email messages are opened. You can make some pixel tags useless to cancel relevant cookie.

IP Addresses

A internet Protocol (IP) address, in general, is a number that your internet service provider assigned to your device automatically when connected to internet. Also RND ,like other websites, can collect IP addresses to analyze the number of visitors and the informations of using website collectively. Your IP address doesnt have connection with personal datas given by you.

But RND, as per arrangement requirements, reserve the right to use IP addresses in order to detect the individuals who threat our customers or services.



Click Stream

‘’Click Stream’’ or ‘’Click Stream Datas’’ reflects the websites that a user visited and more important, it shows the situation or traffic template that help user to pass from a website to another. RND only watch this kind of the informations on our website; especially click stream actions are not watched except Nocturne web pages.

The datas of click stream doesn’t involves and explain personal datas about user, besides we don’t compare these datas to personal datas given by you.

Changes on Privacy Policy

This privacy policy can be revised and adjusted periodically. By using our website, You are deemed to have understand and accepted this Privacy Policy to the information types that we collected and we have a right to change privacy policy without informing you before, and how we use these and  if any, that we will publish changes made on this page so that you can have knowledge of regarding on what conditions we will reveal. We will Show last updated date of Privacy Policy on our website. Our suggestion for you is to visit also our privacy policy pages when you visit our web site and be aware of changes in this way.

Children’s Privacy

Our website is not available for childrens who are younger than 18. We don’t collect the relevant person’s data on purpose who included to this age group.


The Rights For The Protection of Personal Datas

As personal data owner, by appealing to Nocturne; you have the following rights:  (i) having a knowledge of whether the processing of your personal datas, (ii) claim information if processed,(iii) having a knowledge of the purpose of processing of your personal datas and whether they are used for intented purpose, (iv) having a knowledge of third persons that personal datas were transferred in domestic or abroad, (v) request your personal datas to be corrected if processed wrongly or absently, (vi) request your personal datas to be deleted or effaced in the frame of conditions stipulated in article of the law, (vii) in the event of requesting your personal datas to be deleted, effaced or corrected; request the processes made to inform third persons that personal datas were transferred, (viii) objecting to a result may arise against you by means of analyzing processed personal datas exclusively via automatic systems, (ix) request your damage to be compensated in the event of meeting a loss for the reason of the processing of personal datas illegally.

You can send the requests regarding the usage of the rights stated above to our company with the method stated in RS CTA Food and Textile company data owner application form that you can reach from address. Your application will be resulted costlessly in 30 days at last and shortest time according to your application’s qualification; however in the event the process requires extra price, the price will be claimed from you according to the tariff which is specified by Personal Data Protection Committee.



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