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  Distant Sale Contract

WARNING: Please read the following contract text as required by applicable law. Also;, our website member or each customer who is shopping there,, are deemed to read and have accepted all articles of sale contract wich is organized by us below without any further notice!



The topic of contract hereby, includes the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 - Regulation on Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts, regarding the sale and delivery of the product sold by the SELLER to the BUYER, whose qualities and sales price are specified below.





Adress: Cengizhan Mah. 846. Cad no:53/B, Mamak / ANKARA 

Telephone: +90 312 390 58 34




The person who is member as a customer on shopping website.

It is based on the adress and contact informations which are used when becoming member.



The brand/model, amount, colour, number, sale price, payment method, service type are consist of  the informations at the moment that the order are completed.



4.1- The topic of article stated in Article 3, declare BUYER read all prior knowledge and give the necessary permission electronically in regards to delivery, essential features of product or products, sale price and payment method.

4.2 – The topic of contract, each product or products will deliver to BUYER, or indicated person/institution, provided that it doesn’t exceed legal 30 days, within the period stated in prior knowledge, depending on BUYER’s settlement. This period can be protracted  maximum 10 days subject to notifying to the BUYER earlier.

4.3 –       If the contract product is delivered to another person or institution except BUYER, Alize Ticaret is not responsible for the nonadmission of the product by person or institution to be delivered.        

4.4 – Alize Ticaret, the topic of contract, is responsible for the delivery of product in accordance with qualifications stated in the order, as safe, complete. It is limited for 2 years for unspecified products. Alize Ticaret is responsible for the solution of problems that may arise in the meantime after invoicing. Repair time is 20 workday.

4.5 – For the delivery of contract product, it is imperative to be delivered the signed sample of contract to Alize Ticaret and to be paid its price with patment method that BUYER requested. If the product price is not paid or cancelled in bank accounts for any reason, Alize Ticaret is deemed to be released from product delivery liability.

4.6 – After the delivery of product, for the reason of the usage BUYER’s credit card informations by unauthorized persons unduly and illegally, in the event of relevant bank or financial institution don’t pay the product price to Alize Ticaret, it is imperative that the product to be sent to Alize Ticaret provided that the product is delivered to BUYER within 3 days. In this curcimstance, forwarding charges is paid by BUYER.

4.7 – If Alize Ticaret can’t deliver the contract product due to the reasons such as  compelling reasons, adverse weather that is preventing the transporation, or extraordinay reasons such as the interruption of transportation within the period of contract product, Alize Ticaret is responsible for informing BUYER regarding the situation. In this case, the BUYER can request the order to be cancelled or to be changed with similar of contract product, and/or can use the right to delay the duration of delivery till inhibiter situation to be disappeared. In case of the BUYER cancelled the order, the paid amount wil be transferred to buyer in cash and at once within 15 workdays.

4.8 –  Those which are out of order or faulty from the products sold with the certificate of warranty can be sent to Alize Ticaret to be carried out necessary repair under the warranty rules, in this case cargo expenses will be paid by Alize Ticaret.

4.9 – The contract hereby, will be become valid after it is signed by the BUYER and sent it to Alize Ticaret via fax or post.



BUYER has a right of withdrawal within 7 days as from the delivery of contract product to himself or person/institution at stated adress. In this period, it is a must to announce it to Alize Ticaret via phone or mail and not to use the product in the frame of relevant article rules in order to use the right of withdrawal. In the case of using this right, it is a must the return of the sample of Cargo delivery official report and origin of invoice in regards to the product delivered to third person or BUYER. The price of product is returned to BUYER within 15 days after these documents reached. If the origin of invoice is not sent, vat and if there are other legal responsibilities can not be returned. The Cargo fee of returned product for the reason of right of withdrawal is paid by the BUYER.



The right of withdrawal can not be used for the unreturnable products in the consideration of their qualifications, disposable products, copiable software and programs, expired products. The usage of right of withdrawal is subject to the condition that the product packaging is unopened, unimpaired, and unused for all kinds of software and programs, DVD, VCD, CD and tapes, batteries, consumables (explosion preventer liquid, tape, patch, solution, lubricant and cleaner chemicals, garments, shoes and so on).


Also, consumer can not use the right of withdrawal in the products which is personalized or goods by making changes or additions on it accordance with consumers’ special request and demand.

In the event of the payment is paid by credit card or similar payment card, consumer can request the payment process to be cancelled with the reason of usage of card illegally and without consumers’ consent. In this case, The institution that issues the card delivers payment amount to consumer within 15 workday as from objection was notified to the institution itself.

The implementation of this contract hereby, till the value was declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Consumer Arbitration Committee and Consumer Courts  which is located in Alize Ticarets’ settlemenet (ZONGULDAK).

In the event of order end up, BUYER is deemed to have accepted all conditions of this contract hereby.




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