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What is the Switch (Network key) ?

Posted on6 Months ago

What is Switch (Network key)?

The network key is one of the network hardwares that enable computers and other network equipments to integrate on each other. It can work in the 2.layer of the model of OSI with 7 layer and also it can work in the 3.layer because it can make IP routing which is new switch. It should be network hardware that help computers connected with switched to communicate.

The switch are combine with a cable which is placed with the purpose of communication. Thus, it is possible to perform the process requested in one or more than one computers. It provide unicast communication among devices in network, via MAC address Tables. There are ports on Switch and it is connected by these ports.


 How does Switch Work?

 In the operation of Switch is connected by MAC address. In the table of MAC, when a connection received from source computer recorded in MAC address to any target computer, switch only transfer this request to target computer. Besides in MAC table,  if MAC address of target computer is not recorded, switch make request to all other computers except the pot of source computers.

Thanks to this process, Target computers’ MAC address is added to MAC table. When data package reached, network keys record sender’s MAC address and the door to the table in its address. Plus, it also try to detect the door which is connected with the target MAC address by revising the available records in the MAC address table.


 Where is the Switch used?

The switch is used in Office, companies, data centers, and some systems which used network products. The switch also enable to be made process on same file as one connection and it make transfer to the computers that connected with devices in its ports. Today switch models are used in many fields. It is necessary hardware In the fields both communication and automation. For this reason, network keys have an important position.

What are the types of Switch?

The switch is a device that help computer and other network elements to connect and communicate. When considered swtich types, they are as follows;

(Backbone) switch is called switch that the load of switch which is more than one gather or main load start. The backbone collect all loads or apportion the load among the switches.

The core switch is switches that computer made network connection directly, is a key located at the meeting point of network keys and two networks.

SAN (Storage area network) switch, switch structure  that connect each other in any way with the purpose of storage fields’ controller located in physical places for the need and support.

The Industrial Ethernet Switch are network switching devices that have many RJ-45 port on network key products. It is used to direct and adjust the network sharings and securtiy access which is connected to these ports. Thus, it is accepted as port reproducer.

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